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Here’s a quick overview of our boat services at West Solent Boat Builders. For general enquires or if you have an unusual request feel free to call us, or send us a quick email enquiry.


Rigging failures can, more often than not, be easily avoided through proper care and maintenance. That’s why we offer a thorough rigging inspection and maintenance service, covering rope, rod and wire rigging. We will inspect every component of your rigging for signs of corrosion or wear and then carry out any repairs required, whether it is cleaning and replacing individual components or replacing the entire rigging.

With over 40 years’ experience in the field, we are here to help you avoid inconvenient, and potentially dangerous, rigging failures.

Stern gear, propellers, rudders

Our technicians are well-equipped to handle all your stern gear, propeller and rudder maintenance needs. We will fully inspect your stern gear to check for any signs of leaks or faulty components. We will also check lubrication and alignment in the packing and stern tube bearings, and replace packing if necessary. We also offer a propeller cleaning and inspection service, to make sure your propeller works just as it should. If there are any signs of damage, we can take care of propeller repairs or replacements in the yard.

In addition, we will inspect every section of your rudder for signs of deterioration, wear and crevice corrosion. We can then carry out any necessary rudder repairs and maintenance.

Antifouling and GRP repairs

Antifouling is an important part of maintaining boat performance, as keeping your vessel free of barnacles and algae helps reduce drag, lower fuel consumption and avoid longer term repair bills. Proper antifouling also helps to reduce your carbon emissions.

To ensure the highest level of protection, we only work with the best antifouling products on the market. Our team can also repair and restore GRP surfaces, from fixing small scratches and bumps to restoring faded and oxidised gelcoat.

All surfaces are fully prepared and primed before being painted, ensuring the very best finish. In short, we want your vessel to leave our yard looking as good as new.

Freshwater and hydraulic systems

Trust us to install and maintain all your on-board freshwater and hydraulic systems. When it comes to freshwater systems, we have many years’ experience in sourcing and installing systems and products, from toilets and pipework to water tanks. We also repair and maintain existing systems—so if you find a leak or a crack, we can help.

We can also source, install and repair all kinds of hydraulic systems, such as steering systems, locking mechanisms and bow and stern thrusters.

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