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Our spacious yard offers winter storage facilities for approximately 120 yachts and our slipway can accommodate vessels of up to 45’ LOA and 20 tonnes.

(Draft is limited to 6’ on the quay and 5’3” on the slipway, depending on mast profile.)


In addition, between May and October, we offer summer storage for dinghies and sports boats on trailers at seasonal rates, including slipway launching charges.

Kayak/paddleboard racks are available all year round depending on availability.

You can get up to 3 kayaks in a rack space but all craft will need to be secured with in the space by the owner.

Storage fees for kayaks/paddleboards and dinghies include

Keyhaven River launching fees. 


Kayaks, Paddleboards & Small Inflatable Tenders

For 6 months

(includes river fee of £30)


Sailing Dinghies & Tenders on launching trolleys

1st May - 30th September

(Multi hulls by arrangement 25% surcharge)

(includes river fee of £50 )

£200 Up to 12'

£220 Up to 13'

£240 Up to 14'

£250 Up to 15'

£270 Up to 16'

Storage in the yard L.O.A per week

Includes boats on trailers used throughout the year

£1.40 per foot

Please contact us to book your storage or if you have any questions using the button below.

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